Call Of The Wild (2005)

Making it simpler, by just keeping it me. My guitar Lulubell and a friend. Got these tracks made and found myself. Ah, there will be a way to record my music and still not bury myself. I'm hopeful.

Second studio album, released in 2005. Dedicated to the memory of my brother, Richard.

  1. Ain't No Trouble
  2. Alligator Joe
  3. Can't You See
  4. Dues are Paid
  5. Love Ya
  6. Hero*
  7. Hey Baby
  8. Not Searching Anymore
  9. Love's Like a Train
  10. Since I Met You
  11. Sooner or Later

* Originally by Enrique Iglesias.

One comment
  1. Hi Stephan
    Great discovery, a real taste of pure US sound like I didn’t hear for a while. Also your guitar style is really your own style. A pleasure to hear you. I wish Europe will have a chance to experience your music.

    wishing well


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