Find A Way (2003)

Went for a ride to be true to myself. Changed my life in a leap of faith, to serve my gift. It's such a big step of learning. Studios, producers, all the different musicians. It was hard. I beat this one out, and managed to capture some of the essence of the feelings I had when I wrote them. But production-wise, not all of them. I'll get better. It's tricky to learn how to make your music sound like you wrote it.

First studio album, released in 2003.

  1. Call My Name
  2. Drive Me Wild
  3. Find a Way
  4. For You All Tonight
  5. Four and Twenty*
  6. Can't Go Running Back
  7. In Your Eyes
  8. Lightning
  9. Making a List
  10. Tiny Little Room

* Originally by Steven Stills.


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