Mississippi Crying (2007)

Inspired by the tragedy of Katrina hitting my homeland and dedicated to the people who suffered. Wrote Soldier's Song for our soldiers in Iraq. My best work yet, it's added a wonderful new dimension of growth for my recorded work and my shows, and captured the essence of my songs. Excited, I look ahead.

Third studio album, released in 2007.

  1. Mississippi Crying
  2. High or Low
  3. Alida
  4. Soldier Song
  5. Down in the Harbor
  6. 57 Songs
  7. Dreams*
  8. Hard Love
  9. Love Tragedy
  10. You're Gonna Need Somebody**
  11. Restless Love
  12. Think About It

* Originally by the Allman Brothers Band.

** Originally by Taj Mahal.


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