Out Of The Shadow (2005)

Finally got on my feet and played around with the recordings made so far. I feel it's fairer to my new fans to make this, to get a wider range of the different productions. Good and bad. And it helps get more guitar strings and wolf food. I can barely keep up with my writing in my head -- it's my master.

Released in 2005. Sold out.

  1. Drive Me Wild
  2. Can't You See*
  3. Hey Baby
  4. Dues are Paid
  5. For You All Tonight
  6. Love Ya
  7. In Your Eyes
  8. Since I Met You
  9. Four and Twenty**
  10. Alligator Joe
  11. Sooner or Later
  12. Tiny Little Room
  13. Ain't No Trouble
  14. Find a Way
  15. Love's Like a Train
  16. Not Searching Anymore
  17. Call My Name
  18. Making a List

* Originally by the Marshall Tucker Band

** Originally by Steven Stills


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